Paul Hamalian, Senior Director – CEO Support for Habitat for Humanity International

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OK Radio host Lynne Norton speaks with Paul Hamalian, Senior Director – CEO Support for Habitat for Humanity International. Paul shares how Habitat for Humanity team drives the success in the organization delivering its global mission.

What’s it like to work for Habitat for Humanity? How does the organization develop its leadership and staff? Can volunteering actually lead to becoming part of the Habitat workforce?

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Paul Hamalian, Senior Director – CEO Support

Paul Hamalian was born in Berkeley California and spent his childhood in the San Francisco Bay Area. He graduated from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. During college he worked as an extended mission volunteer on construction projects in France, Spain, Mexico and Costa Rica. His first professional job was as an estimator and project manager with Johnson Western Gunite in San Leandro, California.

In 1990 Paul and his wife Nancy moved to Hamilton, Massachusetts where he pursued a Masters of Divinity at Gordon Conwell Seminary. During his years at the seminary he worked as a part-time minister and completed his studies in 1994.

From 1995 to 1997 Paul and Nancy worked in Nicaragua with Habitat for Humanity as an International Partner. There he advised local housing programs in the areas of construction and planning. He served as an active member of the board of directors and was the liaison between Habitat for Humanity International and the national program.

Paul continued working with Habitat for Humanity in Ecuador from 1997-1999 as the founding National Director. There he led the development of the national Habitat organization. He trained and managed the formation of a multi ethnic team of employees and volunteers, facilitating the establishment of several community-led housing programs.

In 1999, Paul moved to Costa Rica to serve as Director of Administration and Finance for the Latin America and Caribbean area. In this role he led a diverse 14 member team to establish and manage the regional administrative, finance, human resource, credit portfolio management and information systems functions. He also developed the funding process of 22+ national Habitat programs, actively participated in multiple global initiatives, and facilitated conflict mediation in local programs.

After completing an Executive MBA from the University of Michigan in April of 2006, he took on the role of Habitat’s Global Finance Director beginning in August of the same year. He provided oversight for the financial operations of Habitat outside the US in more than 90 countries.

In April 2009, Paul moved into the role of Senior Director of CEO Support. A role that works closely with the CEO to coordinate the management of the senior team.

Paul, his wife and 3 children now live in Atlanta Georgia, where Paul works at the administrative headquarters.

Interview Highlights

:47- Mission of Habitat for Humanity International

1:45 – How does the Habitat team serve the global community

2:40 – What’s it like to work for Habitat for Humanity

6:15 – Do volunteers ever transition into other roles in Habitat

7:24 – Advice and encouragement during challenging economic times

8:16 – OK IF? If Paul could live perfectly well without sleeping how would he spend his nights?