Nonprofit Retention and Vacancy Report

The Opportunity Knocks 2010 Nonprofit Retention and Vacancy Report provides nonprofit employers a benchmark to compare themselves to.

The goal of this report is to find the answers to the following questions:

  • What are the turnover rates for nonprofit employer

  • Why are employees leaving

  • Where are they going

  • What can nonprofits do to address the issue

    Opportunity Knocks conducted its own research for this report, which is available at no charge to the nonprofit community, to provide nonprofits with valuable information and suggestions for addressing turnover and vacancyrates.

    “We have produced the 2010 Nonprofit Retention and Vacancy Report to help decision makers develop ways to retain valuable employees. True to our mission, this demonstrates our commitment to support nonprofit organizations build successful human resource strategies.” Karen Beavor, President and CEO of Opportunity Knocks

    Click here to download the report.