OK_borderThe 2013 Opportunity Knocks Nonprofit Wage & Benefits Report sheds light on the evolving practices of organizations as they continue to balance the need to trim expenditures in financially uncertain times with the need to retain top talent to support critical programs.

The 2013 Opportunity Knocks Nonprofit Wage & Benefits Report contains data collected from nonprofit organizations of all sizes around the country and is your go to source for wage and benefits trends throughout the sector. For HR professionals, this report will allow you to evaluate your organization’s salary and benefits packages against industry standards. For job seekers, this report will help you prepare for salary negotiation by giving you the tools to evaluate common salaries and benefits offered organizations in your area.

This report will assist you with the following:

  • Evaluating your organization’s jobs, wages, and benefits based on varying internal benchmarks
  • Determining competitive base salaries for recruiting new employees based on your size and location
  • Setting staffing levels to manage capacity, while eradicating excess or duplication
  • Comparing your current health insurance, disability, retirement, and other programs with those of similar organizations to ensure you have the most cost-effective plans
  • Researching innovative and alternative benefit options that can reduce costs

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